Cub Scouts

(8 to 11 years of age)

The 8th Orleans Scouting group has two Cub Scout Packs:

  • Pack A meets on Mondays from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at Orleans United Church. (1111 Orleans Boulevard, Orléans, ON)

In order to fulfill Scouting's principles and mission, the Cub Scout program is geared specifically to meet the developmental needs of most 8-10 year olds. 

The program emphasizes activities which encourage Cub Scouts to: 

  • express and respond to God's love in their daily lives
  • do their best
  • keep fit
  • satisfy their curiosity, and need for adventure and new experiences
  • be creative and develop a sense of accomplishment
  • make choices
  • develop a sense of fair play, trust and caring
  • work together in small groups, and experience being a leader
  • participate in outdoor activities
  • learn about the natural world and their part in it


In Cub Scouts, "Do Your Best" nicely sums up the approach to activities described in this book. Cub Scouts need adult support and approval as they play, learn and discover.  Children need this for building self-esteem and self-confidence. It is critical for them to feel a sense of accomplishment for what they did, rather than being taught that only winning counts. Scouting believes that Cub Scouts who "do their best" in any activity deserve equal recognition and praise.



  I promise to do my best

  To love and serve God, to do my duty to the Queen;

  To keep the law of the Wolf Cub pack,

  And to do a good turn for somebody every day.


  (i) The Cub respects the Old Wolf *,

  (ii) The Cub respects himself.

* (an "Old Wolf" refers to a leader or any respected adult)


  Do Your Best