A Word about Fundraising

Parents sometimes ask: “Why do we have to have fund-raising? And how much is enough?” At 8th Orleans, we prepare an annual budget and schedule just enough fund-raising to ensure a balanced budget. Fund-raising is a part of the Scouting movement in Canada for several reasons.

Keeping the cost of Scouting within reach of all families

Scouting is not a cheap program because of the high adventure, outdoor based learning content, and because we insist on providing the highest quality program with the best trained volunteer leaders possible.

The total cost of providing trained, uniformed and insured registered leaders plus the cost of equipment and activities could be prohibitive for some families if we simply covered all costs with higher registration fees. 

It is our purpose to ensure that the program remains accessible to youth without regard to financial capability.

Fund-raising allows us to provide a quality program while not excluding any youth on basis of financial capability.

Service to Community

Scouting supports the local communities of the Group, Area and Council. An aspect of community service, Scouting provides many free services to the public such as food drives and lost child services during major public events. We feel; therefore, justified in seeking charitable support from the public.

A portion of funds raised through registration go to the Odawa area and Voyageur council to further Scouting at the broader community level. For example, the Voyageur Council conducts Regional Scout activities, including maintenance of the regional camp facilities such as Camp Opemikon. This in turn makes these facilities (camps) available to the youth at an affordable cost.

Participation in fundraising as personal development

Scouts Canada policy is “the spirit of the movement is that, as far as possible, funds required for Scouting purposes shall be earned.”

In taking part in various fund raising activities, youth learn to take responsibility for earning a portion of the funds needed for their own programs or equipment, acquire exposure to dealing with the public and to handling money responsibly. With the support of a parent or other adult, door to door canvassing can be a positive learning experience. While some people do not respond to this type of effort, in general, the public is receptive to well-mannered, uniformed members of Scouts Canada and Girl Guides of Canada.

Fundraising at 8th Orleans

During the course of the year, we are typically involved in the following events.



Sections Participating

Youth Role

Scout Popcorn


All Sections

Popcorn sales to family, friends, neighbours, and co-workers

Christmas Tree Fundraiser

November with delivery in December

All Sections

All youth take orders. Older youth and scouters deliver the trees and wreaths

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner

(donated to Orleans United Church - our group's sponsor)

Shrove Tuesday (day before Ash Wednesday)

All Sections

Beavers – table clearing

Cubs – tickets, table clearing

Scouts/Venturers – cooking, serving, cleanup