Equipment procedures 

To borrow equipment:

Fill in the sign out sheet from the following web page:
You can e-mail it to the quartmaster, hand it in on a meeting night, or drop it off at the quartermaster's house.

To pick up equipment:

Arrange a time that works for both you and the quartermaster (note Thursdays are usually bad)
Come by and pick up the equipment.

To return equipment:

Clean and check all equipment before returning, if you aren’t 100% comfortable taking this piece out next time, you must either clean it or tell me what missing/broken. (Paper notes will really help out)

Arrange a time that works for both you and the quartermaster and return the equipment to the quartermaster's house

How to prepare equipment for return:

  • Dry them completely
  • Make sure all the right pieces are with the tent.
  • Check to make sure you have the right number of pegs (required +3)
  • Put pegs in the peg bag and put the peg bag in the bottom of the tent bag
  • Put poles in the tent bag along one side.
  • Stuff in the fly, then the tent, then the folded foot print.
  • Close the tent bag securely
  • Let the quartermaster know of any broken or missing pieces (would you want to take this tent out next?)

Dining shelters:
  • Dry completely
  • Put pegs and guy lines into bright orange bag. The guy lines should be folded in 4 and tied with an over hand knot.
  • Put the peg bag and the mallet in the bottom of the large bag.
  • Put the poles in the green pole bag.
  • Fold up the tarp and roll it tightly around the pole bag, and put into the large bag

Coffee Pots:
  • Please make sure all the pieces are returned.
  • if any of the pieces are missing it will not work as a coffee pot.
  • If you are taking the pot only to heat water, leave the guts of the pot behind. 

Rest of equipment:
  • Must be returned complete, clean and dry.
  • If anything is missing or broken, please let the quartermaster know. The more detail you give the quicker it can get repaired.