Our Roles

Parents have a key role in ensuring youth get the maximum benefit from Scouting programs!

The Parent’s Role:

How can parents ensure that their youth will get the maximum benefit from the Scouting program?
Here are some ways you can support your youth:


·   Be familiar with the mission and principles of Scouting.

·   Take an active interest in your child’s participation in the program.

·   Review each weekly meeting with your child, encourage their enthusiasm.

·   Visit a regular meeting from time to time as an observer.

·   Gently remind your youth about their Scouting Promise and Law when behaviour indicates they may be forgetting.



·   Attend special programs, camps, and banquets with your children and show real interest in their crafts and other accomplishments.

·   Encourage and help your children to complete badge and star requirements (Cubs & higher).

·   Read the regular and special notices that the leaders send home with your youth. There is usually some kind of notice every week.



·   Call leaders to confirm program details that seem unusual.

·   Attend Group Committee and Parent meetings and ask questions about the program.

·   Offer to help as a resource person.

·   Consider taking a more active role.

·   Provide Leaders and Group Committee with feedback, including competion of annual program review surveys in the spring.




Role of Group Committee:



·   Provide for the operation of the programs in accordance with the mission, principles, program goals, operating policies, and in keeping with the goals and ideals of the Sponsor.

·   Ensure that emphasis is given to religious aspects of Scouting in the conduct and life of the group/sections.

·   Secure and appoint leaders (Scouters) acceptable to Scouts Canada and the United Church of Canada.

·   Encourage Scouters in their personal development by making opportunities for training available to them.

·   Ensure that program personnel and resources are available as required

·   Assist Scouters in preparation of camps and other special events and to approve arrangements and budgets.



·   Establish and provide for the continuous operation of the group, including annual registration.

·   Liaise between operating sections and higher council levels (Odawa, Voyageur, Scouts Canada, etc)



Role of Sponsor: Orleans United Church - Youth Ministries Committee:


·         Apply for annual renewal of Scouting Charter

·         Ensure good flow of information between group and sponsor

·         Appoint or provide annually for election of a group committee

·         Receive annually the report of the group’s activities and finances

·         Assist in providing resources to enable the group to promote the goals/ideals of the sponsor

·         Assist in providing training for the leaders in the goals/ideals of the sponsor, in keeping with the mission, principles, program goals and operation policies of Scouts Canada

·         Set policy in relation to membership in the group

·         Establish policy for the group with respect to religious exercises and/or instruction

·         Advise the group committee and when necessary, rule on fundraising methods

·         Assist in providing resources for the encouragement of the Religion in Life program

·         Ensure adequate meeting facilities are provided


Together we can ensure that all our youth have the “time of their lives” during their Scouting careers.