Welcome to 8thOrleans.ca


  • Registration for 2023 calendar year will be $240 and will start for existing members on August 15th. New or returning youth can register as of September 15 and your $240 fee will cover until December 31, 2023. Via www.myscouts.ca or www.scouts.ca/join

  • Visit our Registration page for more information.

  • Please note that some Sections are already full due to the number of Beavers who swam up to Cubs and the number of Cubs who swam up to Scouts. For this reason we've created two new Sections: Pack B - Tuesday and Troop C - Thursday. Waitlisted youth will be redirected to these Sections.

  • On a good note, we have lots of room in Colony A and B for new Beavers, while Colony C is already full.

COVID-19 Response

  • 8th Orleans policy: Masks are required to be worn during indoor meetings and are optional when outdoors.

  • Our policy is reviewed at each monthly Group Committee meeting.

Activities and Events

  • Many of the former Odawa events are coming back. Watch the schedules in your Sections and ask your Scouters to include them in your adventures.

  • Visit our Events page for more information.

Opening of French Sections

  • 8th Orleans is investigating opening Sections "F" for the Francophone community in Orleans. Our goal is to start the Sections in January 2023

  • First, we need a whole new set of Scouters who are Francophone or bilingual to start getting trained with our existing Sections. commissioner@8thOrleans.ca to volunteer or get more information.

  • Second, what Sections we can open will depend upon the interest of the community. Castors 5-7, Louveteaux 8-10, Scouts 11-14.

  • Third, the Scouters and Youth will help determine the 'where' and 'when' for the meetings. We are currently looking around the MIFO due to it's central location in Orleans and for the community.


    • Apple Day returning on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend

    • Scout Coffee - running right now

    • Christmas Trees and Wreaths is running until December 1st. We deliver to your door on December 10th between 9am and noon. Limited quantity of trees and wreaths. Our suppliers are all local.

    • Scout Popcorn, we had some families ask to buy popcorn, so we registered for it too. Pick the Section you want to support and the profits got to them.

    • others may be added to raise funds for Group and/or Sections (e.g. Scout Popcorn, Scout Seeds)

Meeting nights

For more information about the locations please refer to the About Us page.