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  • Registration for 2022 calendar year will be $240 and will start for existing members on September 1st. New or returning youth can register as of September 15 and your $240 fee will cover until December 31, 2022. Via www.myscouts.ca or www.scouts.ca/join

  • NOTE: If you're interested in Scouting, then we recommend you delay registering until September 15th to save paying the 2021 $230 fee. Then attend 2 activities under the free trail basis and officially join on Sept. 15th for $240.

  • Visit our Registration page for more information.

COVID-19 Response

  • Currently in modified-Stage-4 - in-person up to 25 and camping has returned!

  • We are currently under our summer break, but most Sections will be running at least one adventure in July and August, plus we'll be running our Virtual Rally #2 for Beaver Buggies and Kub Kars.

  • We changed our normal meeting days/times during the pandemic, these will probably be adjusted come September.

    • Colony A - Saturday 1:30pm- online and in-person

    • Colony B - Tuesday - online and in-person

    • Colony C - Thursday - online only

    • Pack A - Monday - online and in-person, plus weekends for in-person

    • Pack C - Thursday - online, weekends - in-person

    • Troop A - Monday - online and in-person

    • Company - Monday - online and in-person

    • Crew - 2nd Wednesdays - online

  • When in-person meetings are permitted. All participants are screened, contact information retained, masks are mandatory and hands are clean/sanitized. Activities are designed to maintaining 2m physical distancing.

Activities and Events


    • Apple Day

    • Christmas Trees and Swag

    • others may be added to raise funds for Group and/or Sections (e.g. Scout Popcorn, Scout Coffee, Scout Seeds)

Meeting nights

For more information about the locations please refer to the About Us page.